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User : ShyRod Premium Member [View home page] [Report User]

Average score: 7.85 (661 votes)
ShyRod: Hope you like what you see? Check out my home page its free
Hope you like what you see? Check out my home page its free

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10 most recent comments

sportbrunser (18th Aug 2014, 09:10)
Humilate me on kik please sir id hairybear40
neoprogue (29th Jul 2014, 13:29)
Rate and comment mine
HappyPenis1973 (1st Jan 2014, 12:08)
I would love to suck that huge n hot dick of yours.
Chinchillin89 (15th Dec 2013, 17:29)
Can you say hung!! Check mine please :)
4u2suck (29th Oct 2013, 18:40)
Mmmmmm Hmmmmmm yes I would!!!! thanx for the comment :)
doedonny (29th Oct 2013, 06:09)
ohh my god. i am soo hard and horny just lookin at that cock. I could suck on that for hours. easy ten dude. want to trade pics? ;)
bicamman (29th May 2013, 14:28)
mmm you definitely have one of the nicer cocks here i would be all over that for sure
jobuddy4u (28th May 2013, 14:31)
cock like that Im not sure why your shy. any girl would be happy to have it and im sure it attracts many looks in the lockerrooms
cockcum (6th Jan 2013, 09:39)
thanks for comment, your cock is very hard and long its mouth is very big love it 10 from me
jokers (24th Dec 2012, 04:50)
Thanks for the comment , your monster looks edible , a very good length
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